Algorithmic Design through BIM


Date: Thursday, 16th June, 2016
Time: 10.30 - 13.00 and 14.00 – 17.00
Room: K 217

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Keywords: parametric design, 3D modeling, spatial construction, visual scripting

Software in use: ArchiCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper

Tutors: Erik HAVADI, Laura BARÓTHY, (+ guest architect)

Expected skills: basic Rhino knowledge, basic ARCHICAD knowledge

Synopsis: We live in the age of information where all aspects of a building project are controlled by various forms of data from the first development idea through construction to maintenance of the completed building. Coincidentally building industry is adopting new technologies from manufacturing that require higher level of control from any designer. As a result contemporary design practices are forced to develop new workflows and employ new set of tools in order to meet today’s challenging requirements.

Algorithmic design- and Building Information Modeling tools are being developed to meet specific aspects of these complex workflows, yet they often remain unconnected providing limited help in the full scope of the project.

GRAPHISOFT has been developing tools that respond to this problem by connecting two of the most established tools in their own fields - GRASSHOPPER in the field  of Algorithmic Design and ARCHICAD in Building Information Modelling. 

The goal of the workshop is to introduce GRAPHISOFT’s solution to linking a versatile algorithmic design tool with a powerful BIM solution that forms a new approach to CAAD.  Specific aspects of the new methodology will be investigated through workflow examples gathered from reputable international design practices.  The session will help  build awareness of the existing challenges of today’s contemporary BIM conscious architectural design from the perspective of generative design methodology.

Max. number of participants: 20

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