Call for papers

Call for papers, participation and workshops

The organizing comittee is pleased to invite you to submit papers for CAADence in architecture, an international workshop and conference. The event will take place at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Budapest (Hungary) on the 16-17th June, 2016 in cooperation with leading CAAD industry members.

The focus of this forthcoming event is the changing role of architects in relation to the increasing integration of information-technology into the design process.

Through paper presentations and a workshop the comittee wishes to spark a professional discourse amongst professors, researchers, practicing architects, PhD and regular students, who immerse themselves in different areas of computer aided architectural design methods and applications.

Selected papers can be published in the university's scientific journal, Periodica Polytechnica Architecture as well. Periodica Polytechnica Architecture is indexed and abstracted


Topics include

 1 - BIM
 2 - Smooth transition (from pure geometry to CAAD modeling) 
 3 - Visualization and communication 
 4 - Towards smart cities 
 5 - Didactics and digital education 
 6 - Media supported teaching 
 7 - Electronic design studio
 8 - Generative design 
 9 - Collaborative design 
10 - Simulation
11 - Modeling with scripting
12 - 3D shape grammar


Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts 10th March, 2016
... extended deadline for abstracts 20th March, 2016
Acceptance of abstracts 20th March, 2016
... extended acceptance of abstracts 30th March, 2016
Deadline for full papers 10th May, 2016
Acceptance of full papers 20th May, 2016
Deadline of early registration 15th April, 2016
Workshop and conference 16-17th June, 2016










You are requested to submit an abstract with a length of 150 to 200 words - along with references (max. 10). 

You can make your submission here:

For reviewers: Reviewer's guideline

Downloadable pdf form of this call.