Credit card payment


You may pay the registration fee (and other additional costs, such as the fee for hard copy of the conference publication and the banquet dinner) through Maverick Ltd., the contract partner for the CAADence in Architecture Workshop and Conference event.

Maverick Agency Ltd.
Enterprise registration number: 01-09-711712
Tax number: 12953170-2-43
Address: 1118 Budapest, Frankhegy utca 2.

Payment process via credit card
If you would like to pay via credit card, please choose credit card as payment method in the registration form. You will see the total amount of money you owe according to the choices you have ticked. The conference fee should be paid in EURO.

After sending in the form, you will recieve an automated e-mail confirming your succesful registration, as well as a second one with the details of payment, which contains an "Accept and Pay" link. This will redirect you to the webpage of Borgun Bank Ltd. ( where you can execute payment with your credit card data. The payment webpage is maintained according to the rules of  international card companies and their security regulations. Please do not close the webpage until it verifies the result of the payment. 

Keep in mind that if you would like to cancel your registration, we are only able to refund 70% of your payment due to our prepaid conference expenses, and only until 2nd of June at the latest (two weeks before the conference). After the 2nd of June, we are unable to make any refund.

During the registration process, we only request the most necessary information so that the database may handle the participants. We do not provide these data to any third person. We proceed and handle your data in accordance with current legal regulations regarding data protection.

Neither Maverick Agency Ltd. nor organizers of CAADence in Architecture Workshop and Conference  have access to your card number, its expiration date, or any other data related to your account in any form.

By clicking on the "Accept and Pay" link in the email, you accept the conditions detailed above.

The following cards are accepted:


If you have any question about the payment, feel free to ask us:
CAADence Organizing Team 
e-mail: caadence-organizers [at]
phone: +36 1-463-4146
address: Hungary, 1111 Budapest, Műegyetem rakpart 3.


Other alternative payment methods for this workshop and conference.