Kazumi Yajima

Kazumi Yajima, Tokyo, JAPAN
Education: March 1984 Nihon University



April 1984 Join Kajima Corporation
1984-2002 Management of construction site. Experience in more than 20 projects, many types of buildings.

Major works:
Department Store in Shibuya
Factory for Audio and Visual company
Residential buildings
Financial Building
Facilitiefor religion

Large scale projects:
Head quarter building of Japan Tobacco (JT)
Complex of head quarter and studios for Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS).
Department of Oceanic Architecture and Engineering

2002- Technology Development Department (Section Chief)

2003- Building Construction Management Division (Head of section)

2006- Technology Development Department (Director)

2010 Director of BIM (Additional post)

2014~ Director of BIM & Productivity improvement division (Additional post)

License and Qualifications:
1990 Registered Architect of the first class
1998 Registered Construction Manager of the First Class
2002 Registered Construction Manager for Seismic Isolation works
2010 Registered Technical Supervisor